Old School Night @ 920 Special Sept 22nd

Old School Night @ The 9:20 Special w/ DJs Jesse & Manu on September 22.

For all of you old school dancers who don’t come out anymore and you new school dancers keeping Lindy Hop alive, let’s swing it like it’s 1999.

Come join us for a great night of dancing and hanging out at the 9:20 Special on Thursday, September 22nd.

DJs Jesse Miner and Manu Smith will be spinning the night away.

Get ready for some classics.

You might be Old School SF if:

You can name the Three Amigos

Hush Puppies were really trendy for the regular world but you just wore them for dancing

Took your first class from Johnny & Carrie, or from a guy wearing a snake around his neck

You danced at LitP on the bandshell, in the rain (and one time, in the snow)

You started rock climbing after trying it during the exchange party at Mission Cliffs

You danced with someone wearing roller skates

You remember when hula lindy referred to using a hoop

You wore bleyers or blochs

You’ve been in or at the Dog House Talent Show

You were Live at the 9:20 Special for Barbara Morrison

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