What’s Happening with SwingTalk?

So you may have been visiting out of habit lately and saw that we were down for quite a while (thank you to those who emailed to let this busy admin know).

And now you’ve noticed some changes.

Well, here’s the skinny”

The original web host on which SwingTalk was hosted recently performed some type of upgrade to their server which then caused the old forum software to break.

And, yes, that software was OLD, circa 2003 — so yeah, if computer years is anything like dog years, then we’re talking ancient!

Anyhow, I finally took this incident as the opportunity to move the site to one of my other hosts and to install newer software, and so here we are.

I have some ideas on what to do here, and hope to implement them in the days and weeks to come.

If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, feel free to leave a comment.



SwingTalk Admin

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